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Mob.: 9448152066 - Email : helpdesk@manipalmart.com
Mob.: 9448152066
Email : helpdesk@manipalmart.com
How ManipalMart is started?

This project is initiated by inspiration of “Digital India “, and idea is to take care of good home food to desktop at time of lunch ,breackfast and Dinner. ManipalMart has Big picture on “attach your kitchen and extra income” concept to take throughout India.

About to business

Empower Women Entrepreneur
Helps self-help group
Generate "extra Income" to women
Profits of the project will be spent on development of project only
To take care of food waste at home and kitchen
To exhibit talents

How it works ?

1. Register with us as supplier (Free)
2. List your items to be delivered
3. Get SMS to deliver Food
4. Deliver food to their location
5. Money direct transferred to their bank account
6. Registered supplier henceforth called "business associate"

How to get order ?

Once registered with us as supplier , A Email will sent to you as business associate. You be a business associate, you can take care of marketing your product online and offline.

Individual customer: Business associates/Supplier, list their items and information on product. our teams will take care online marketing.
ManipalMart expects its business associate to get some offline marketing ideas for their local needs.

Corporate client :

In case of permanent order, our experienced represent will help out associates over a phone and personal visit.

What are charges to list product in ManipalMart ?

We don’t charge any fee to register and Display the product online. We charge on per transections.
Rs. 5 rupees on per order/SMS against Cash on Delivery COD –per order (Not per item).
We charge only 5% (Percent) on total value of an a order( includedpatment gateway charge and any other ) it may change based on policies of govt.
No Additional Charge for SMS on online payments
By deducting all charges from ManipalMart , amount will be delivered to your bank within 10 days.